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Gay Logg


Beach and Forest Realty

6301 North Kings Highway Myrtle Beach, SC 29572

Hello, my name is Gay and I am a native of South Carolina. Some of my earliest childhood memories are seeing the miles of cotton fields on our family trips to Myrtle Beach. I spent my childhood traveling the roads of the enchanting South Carolina coastal low country.

After college, I moved to Washington State and started a family. I had the good fortune of experiencing the north and southwest part of the country and all of the beauty and pleasures it has to offer.

In early 2000 I decided to pack up myself, my 2 daughters, and my 2 dogs, and relocate to Myrtle Beach. It was important to me that my family experienced the beautiful and charming culture of the South Carolina coast in the way that I had. After arriving in Myrtle Beach, I took a position that allowed me to control and manage properties all over the country. Being able to work in these various places only helped me to realize how much Myrtle Beach had to offer.

I decided I should concentrate on what I know and love the most. Fulfilling the dreams of people that also would like to call Myrtle Beach 'home'.

I am very passionate about this area and am committed to working hard and helping with all real estate transactions. I enjoy navigating the real estate market to find just the right property to accurately suit the needs of the client.

Everyone has goals when it comes to buying or selling real estate, and it is my purpose and responsibility to make sure that the goals are met; professionally and honestly.